“Each person has a flame and this flame represents who they are.  It represents their gifts, talents and passions. This flame is a representation of what makes up each of us.”   

Motivation has been such a struggle these days. It is important to have a new way to look at how you can keep your team motivated. If you are looking for ideas, check out this resource!

This project is for leaders, coaches, teachers, parents – literally anyone who has the opportunity to impact the lives of others in a positive manner.

“Imagine what happens when we allow ourselves to be the foundation for the energy of a small flame to burn.  It could literally be the very impact that is needed to help change the world for the better. Be a wick!”   -Kendell Dorsey, A Couple of Principles  

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Wick Book

The Wick Influence discusses what is necessary to effectively support the passions of others.   It provides a framework that can be utilized in many different ways including: a data analysis protocol, a coaching protocol, a client seeking protocol, a team / self reflection tool and more!  This framework fits into any field and with any leader or team that is trying to work for improvement!

Are you are a leader trying to motivate your team to go further? Are you a parent trying to help your child find their passion? Are you trying to help others be their best self? Are you concerned about how can you better support the passion of others around you? Then, be a wick!

We are available for virtual and in-person professional development and planning sessions.  We can help you and your team to use the framework to reach your highest potential!  If you are interested in learning more contact us here.