How do I find time to do it all? (INTRO)

time to do it all


Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day?  Are you frustrated when you have to take work home over the weekend when you just want to relax and unwind?  Does it feel like your work is never done? Are you then frustrated when you look at that bag of papers you brought home to grade that you never got to?   There is something important to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Felecia recently posted a question in a Facebook teacher group.

Felecia psot.jpg

We thought there would be a lot of responses around student behavior, perhaps instructional practices, working with difficult parents but we were really surprised to see that the overwhelming majority of posts were about time management and organization!  WOW!

In this day and time the increase pressured on teachers is truly palpable.  Work life balance is a real issue that is necessary to work in education in this modern era.  The responses to her post have inspired us to start this series!  During the series we will give tips and resources of organization, mindset changes that will support time management and important ways to ensure there is a strong work/life balance.  We’re excited to provide this support and it is our sincere hope that it helps you be able to meet your needs and meet your goals!

This is all FREE.99!!  🙂  Absolutely free!

So follow us and let’s do this together!

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