Do Stuff Together

Kendell Dorsey @acoupleofprinc1

Over this Christmas holiday season, I traveled to my hometown of Cincinnati. The day after Christmas I was relatively unscheduled. I knew I wanted to visit my 80+ year old cousin, who had been having a lot of recent health challenges. So, I took my great aunt over and we visited with him and his wife in a nursing rehab facility. He greeted us so warmly. He told me, “when you get older you’ll realize how important it is that people show up.” He talked about how close the larger family use to be and how people aren’t together like they used to be. Sadly, he’s right.

Since I was home in Cincinnati, there is a particular restaurant I enjoy eating at. I wanted to treat myself while I was “home.” I know my nephews like it too, so I invited my 2-20ish year old nephews to join me. It is always so interesting talking with them. When each one graduated from high school, my wife and I decided to take them on a little vacation as their gift. During dinner, they talked about how spending time and making memories mattered more to them than gifts or money. I was amazed by their reflections.

(This is my wife and I pictured with our nephews on our Florida trip celebrating Dylan’s graduation.)

Two different conversations, yet the same theme emerged. It appears your time and attention is one of the best gifts you can give. These conversations really moved me. I share this with you to say, “do stuff together.” In this day and time of enhanced technology, human interaction can be minimal. But spending time together makes the most impact on the lives of others.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have regularly scheduled game nights with family, friends
  • Visit elderly relatives, they often have a wealth of knowledge and family history
  • Invite others into your itinerary (going shopping or going out to eat)
  • Bring back eating dinner together (without phones)
  • Visit family members, friends (hang out) it doesn’t always have to be an event
  • Consider trips over gifts for holidays, birthdays or celebrations
  • Do normal activities together purposefully (i.e. cooking)

Now go out there and do stuff together. 😀

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