How to find the time to do it all? (Part 3: Work life balance)

time to do it all

It is interesting being a part of online educator groups.  It appears that low morale and frustration are at an all time high.  It also appears that educators are being asked to do more and more often with less and less.  Couple those challenges with working with the youth of today and it can downright be defeating at times.  It is important that you have work / life balance to really support your mind, body and spirit.  Here a couple of tips to help!

Leave work at work

Don’t even bring the bag home.  I discuss in earlier posts about finding and “calendarizing” the time to do work at work.  There something so euphoric about coming home and knowing your work is done.  You need that mental break and time to focus on your family and friends.

Socialize (with your colleagues)

Some of my best memories were having fun at lunch time with my colleagues.  While, there may be times where you have to get work done, life is short.  So, share stories, cut loose, laugh, it is good for the soul.  They have a common experience and it can often be a great way to let off some steam.  If you don’t have a lot of work colleagues then do this with your friends.  However, there is something therapeutic about speaking with those that have a shared experience.

Have something to look forward to

Is there a movie coming out your excited to see?  Do you have a new bottle of bubble bath you’re ready to try out?  Perhaps there’s a restaurant you have been dying to go to?  Is your favorite comedian coming into town?  What ever it is have something outside of work to look forward to over the weekend.  The anticipation of doing something you will enjoy you will help to minimize the stresses of work.  Then, do it!

Have a designated work start and work stop time

If you know you have more work than the work day allows.  Establish a time when you will arrive early or stay late and then don’t exceed that allotted time.  Work is important but it is not everything to your life.  You have to give your mind time away from work.

Find your sanctuary

As I get older, I am finding that being outside seeing nature really is a sanctuary for me.  I recently moved from Ohio to North Carolina and I just love the beautiful scenery of nature.  What is your sanctuary?  Do you make time to enjoy it as much as possible?

Educating our youth is of critical importance but so is your piece of mind.  Take time for you!

We hope you enjoyed the series!

  • Kendell Dorsey, A Couple of Principles

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